A note from our new General/Artistic Director— Alan Held

Greetings from The Wichita Grand Opera. 

General/Artistic Director

During a time of great struggle for our city, state, and country, we believe, more than ever, that opera has tremendous relevance and importance.  It invigorates our spirit and challenges our minds.  Opera refreshes our thinking and cheers our souls.  The opportunity to share beauty and creativity while continuing the over 400-year tradition of telling “our story” is necessary now more than ever.

This month, I was honored to be named the General Director at The WGO.  I will be adding these duties to my previous position as Artistic Director.   To be sure, we face challenges.   But we face these moments with a spirit of hope and excitement as well.  Plans are well under way to bring out treasured art form back to our audiences through our exciting staged performances as well as concerts, recitals, and other celebrations.  Our city has a long history of supporting the arts in a broad and festive manner.  We look forward to bringing that all back to you as we emerge into a new era.

We will be making many changes to this website in the coming weeks.  For now, it is a website “under construction”.  By mid-June, we plan to unveil our plans for this coming Fall and beyond on these pages.  Come back and explore why opera is FOR ALL.  Come and enjoy what we do through this great art form that has affected all other forms of creativity.  And then, be ready to attend our performances and be part of the passion, tragedy, and amazing spectacle that is only found in OPERA.

We also hope for your financial support to make all this possible.  These very dark months have affected the heart of creativity.  Please consider donating to YOUR opera company and to helping preserve opera in our city for generations to come.  Just click this button to make a tax-deductible donation to the WGO.

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Call (316) 683-3444

I wish you great health and safety and look forward to seeing you very soon.