Barber of Seville

  • May 25-26, 2023 7:30pm
  • Mary Jane Teall Theater
  • 2 1/2 hours

Short Synopsis

A young Count named Almaviva wants to marry a girl named Rosina, but her guardian, Dr. Bartolo, stands in the way. With the help of a clever barber named Figaro, Almaviva disguises himself and uses tricks to win Rosina’s heart while outwitting Bartolo. In the end, true love triumphs as Almaviva reveals his true identity and Rosina’s affections are won. The opera is filled with comedic situations, mistaken identities, and catchy melodies, making it a lively and entertaining tale of love and cleverness.


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Cast of Barber of Seville

Count Almaviva………..Morgan Mastrangelo
Dr. Bartolo……………….Peter Strummer
Rosina……………………..Sandra Piques-eddy
Figaro…………………….. Luis Orozco
Don Basilio………………Peter Volpe
Berta……………………….Ashley Ruckman
Fiorello……………………Cole Bellamy
Ambrogio………………..Tom Frye

WGO Chorus & Orchestra

Full Sysnopsis

“The Barber of Seville” is a comic opera in two acts composed by Gioachino Rossini, with a libretto by Cesare Sterbini. The opera is based on the first of the Figaro plays by French playwright Pierre Beaumarchais, and it premiered in 1816 in Rome, Italy. It is known for its energetic and melodic music, witty lyrics, and delightful characters.

Act I:
The opera is set in Seville, Spain. The young Count Almaviva is smitten with Rosina, a wealthy young woman who is under the guardianship of the elderly Dr. Bartolo. However, Bartolo intends to marry Rosina himself in order to get her fortune. Count Almaviva disguises himself as a poor student named Lindoro and enlists the help of Figaro, a mischievous barber who is known for his resourcefulness and wit.

Figaro comes up with a plan to help the Count win Rosina’s heart. He starts by arranging a meeting between the Count and Rosina, during which the Count serenades her. Rosina is charmed by the mysterious “Lindoro,” but Bartolo’s suspicions are aroused. He plans to marry Rosina the very next day, so the Count and Figaro must act quickly.

Act II:
In the second act, Figaro devises a clever scheme to sneak the Count into Bartolo’s house disguised as a drunken soldier. The plan involves a series of disguises, mistaken identities, and comical interactions between the characters. Meanwhile, Rosina is determined to outsmart her guardian and pursue her love for “Lindoro,” despite Bartolo’s attempts to keep them apart.

The comedic situations escalate as Bartolo grows increasingly suspicious and frustrated. He enlists the help of Don Basilio, a music teacher, to expose “Lindoro” as a fraud. However, Figaro and the Count manage to outwit Basilio and continue their pursuit of Rosina.

In the final scene, the truth is revealed, and all misunderstandings are cleared up. Count Almaviva reveals his true identity to Rosina, and Bartolo’s plans are foiled. Rosina and Count Almaviva declare their love for each other, and the opera ends with a joyful ensemble celebrating the triumph of true love and Figaro’s cleverness.

“The Barber of Seville” is a delightful and fast-paced opera, known for its catchy melodies, intricate ensembles, and comedic situations. It showcases Rossini’s skill as a composer and Sterbini’s witty setting of Beaumarchais text, making it one of the most beloved and enduring operas in the repertoire.

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