Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
  • Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm
  • Century II Concert Hall
  • Setting:

    The fairytale kingdom of King Florestan.

  • Prologue:

    King Florestan XIV and his Queen host a grand christening ceremony for the birth of their first child, Princess Aurora. Six fairies are invited to the ceremony to bestow gifts on the child. The most powerful fairy, the Lilac Fairy, arrives with her entourage, but before she can bestow her gift, the palace grows dark. With a clap of thunder, the evil fairy Carabosse arrives with her minions. Furious that she was not invited to the christening, Carabosse places a curse upon the baby princess: Aurora will grow up to be a beautiful, virtuous and delightful young lady, but on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. However, the Lilac Fairy intervenes. Though she cannot completely undo the curse, she alters it, allowing the princess to merely sleep peacefully for 100 years. At the end of those 100 years, she will be woken by the kiss of a handsome prince. Relieved that Aurora’s life will ultimately be spared, the court is set at ease.

  • Act I:

    Princess Aurora’s coming-of-age has arrived. Guests from across the kingdom arrive to pay their respects, including four cavaliers who propose to the Princess, but she remains uninterested in their offers. An old woman appears and gives Aurora a bouquet of flowers with a spindle hidden among them. As she dances with the flowers, the Princess pricks her finger. Frightened, everybody rushes to her aid, but it is too late. Aurora feels the life leaving her and falls to the ground. The old woman throws off her cloak and reveals herself to be the fairy Carabosse. The cavaliers chase her but she vanishes as the entire kingdom falls into a deep sleep.

  • Act II:

    One hundred years later, Prince Desire is hunting in the forest with his entourage, who are entertaining themselves by dancing. Despite their efforts to cheer him, the Prince is unhappy and sends everybody away. After the hunting party leaves, the Lilac Fairy appears and shows the Prince a vision of the beautiful Aurora. The Prince falls instantly falls in love with her.

  • Act III:

    The Lilac Fairy shows the Prince the way to the enchanted kingdom. Everyone there is still deep in sleep… except for the wicked Carabosse. She blocks the Prince’s path to the enchanted kingdom, but her evil charms are useless against the Prince, and she disappears. At last, the Prince sees the Sleeping Beauty – Aurora. He gives her a gentle kiss and she awakens from her long sleep, along with the entire kingdom. Prince Desire proposes to Aurora and she joyously gives her consent.

  • Finale:

    The wedding of Princess Aurora to Prince Desire is attended by characters from many fairytales, including Princess Florine and the Bluebird, the Tomcat and the Pussycat, and the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The Lilac Fairy blesses the marriage of the happy bride and groom.