The Magic School Bus

    Wichita Grand Opera is delighted to present a tour of The Magic School Bus, a musical adaptation based on the original book series. The Magic School Bus rolls into the Wichita Center for Performing artson October 22nd at 10:00 am.  In this adventure, the Magic School Bus kids blast off into space! Teacher Ms. Frizzle takes the kids into space to explore the solar system before she becomes separated from the group and her class must travel through the planets and beyond to rescue her. Will they be able to get everyone back to earth in one piece? The kids must put rivalries aside to work together or risk getting lost in space forever! This program is designed for grade K-6.

    Tickets are only $5 and groups of 200 or more are eligible for a further 50% off.  Call us now to make your reservations!  316.262.8054