Get Involved

We Invite You to Get Involved

Wichita Grand Opera encourages interested community members and prospective artists to get involved with our organization in the way that best suits your interests and abilities. Find out more about options below.

Volunteer Through the Opera Guild

“Each is necessary to make it stand...”

“An opera company is like a three-legged stool. It rests upon three important foundations: its staff, its board of trustees, and its volunteers. Without any of the three it would fall down. Each is necessary to make it stand.” Glynn Ross General Director, Arizona Opera

Apply Now

The Opera Guild is your way to get involved and help us with your time and effort. The Opera Guild was established in 2002 as an auxiliary organization of Wichita Grand Opera to provide support through volunteer efforts. Guild members have a wide variety of experiences from which to choose:

  • Assisting in the administration offices.
  • Assisting in the Box Office prior to performances.
  • Assisting backstage in hospitality and wardrobe during performances.
  • Welcoming guest artists to Wichita and providing transportation for them.
  • Assisting with hospitality meals for the cast and production crew.
  • Assisting with social events, soirees, and recitals.
  • Helping with educational outreach performances.
  • Planning special fundraising projects.
  • Selling merchandise at Wichita Grand Opera performances.
  • Serving as an officer on the Opera Guild Board of Directors.
  • Benefits of Joining the Opera Guild

    In return for your support, our Opera Guild members enjoy benefits including:

    • Opportunity to meet performing artists
    • Make friends with others who share your interests
    • Learn new skills
    • Invitation to final dress rehearsals
    • Annual Opera Guild Kick-Off Party
    • Annual End of Season Appreciation Party
  • Join the Opera Guild
    1. Complete the Volunteer Application.
    2. Pay your annual dues:
      • Students: $15
      • Individuals: $20
      • Couples: $30
      • Families: $50

Become an Usher

Starting with the 2018-19 season, the City of Wichita will be managing usher and front-of-house operations for all performing organizations in Century II. Please contact the City of Wichita for more information.

Participate as an Artist

  • Young Artists Program

    The Young Artists Program, initiated by Wichita Grand Opera Founder Margaret Ann Pent, is designed to be a bridge between an aspiring singer’s graduate studies and their professional career, much like a residency in the medical field. Young artists have opportunities to perform and hone their skills, receive individual coaching and collaborate with internationally-renowned singers, directors, and conductors.

  • Opera Academy of the Midwest (OAM)

    Opera Academy of the Midwest (OAM) is an in-depth training program for the next generation of opera singers. The OAM builds on the experiences in our Young Artists Program with additional masterclasses, work on stage movement and acting, professional development guidance, and more. These classes may be scheduled as stand-alone events or in-residence Academy training sessions.

  • Resident Artists Program

    The Resident Artists Program, conceived and designed by Wichita Grand Opera Founder Margaret Ann Pent, offers regionally-based professional artists significant opportunities to employ their talents close to where they work and live. These artists may be contracted to perform leading and secondary roles, to understudy or cover roles, to serve as stage directors or music coaches, or to assist with choral preparation.

    Our Resident Artists Program provides its members with continuing professional development and opportunities to collaborate with international opera singers, directors, coaches, conductors and composers.

Want to Participate as an Artist?

For more information about participating as an artist, contact our Artistic staff at (316) 683-3444.